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Welcome to Richard Burns, M.D.

Offering LASIK Eye Surgery to San Diego & Temecula Patients

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As a premier San Diego ophthalmologist, Dr. Burns is dedicated to excellence in laser vision correction. One of the best LASIK surgeons in San Diego, California, he has outfitted his practice with the latest technology in order to deliver the best results to his San Diego and surrounding-area patients.
Dr. Burns offers a variety of leading-edge procedures that have helped numerous patients achieve their vision correction goals.

Dr. Burns is thrilled to be among the few eye surgeons in San Diego and Temecula to offer laser cataract surgery with the advanced LenSx Laser. This sophisticated laser allows for unprecedented precision and eliminates some of the more invasive steps associated with cataract surgery, allowing Dr. Burns to deliver safe and accurate results.
Thanks to the LenSx laser, our patients that undergo laser cataract surgery in San Diego can now achieve clearer vision than ever before.

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Meet Dr. Richard Burns

LASIK Surgeon in San Diego

Dr. Burns is a former Chief of Ophthalmology and former Chief of Surgery at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, and a former Chief of the Department of Ophthalmology at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital. Dr. Burns has published numerous scientific articles in a wide variety of medical journals and is a frequent guest lecturer about advancements in refractive and cataract surgery.
He is an active member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the International Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and a Fellow in the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Richard Burns, M.D.

How We Help

Dr. Richard Burns offers a variety of leading-edge procedures that have helped numerous patients achieve their vision correction goals.

Richard R. Burns, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in LASIK Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract Surgery and Refractive Lensectomy (RLE).

He has performed refractive surgery for more than 35 years and has corrected the vision of thousands of patients.

What Our Patients Say

Read some amazing testimonials and amazing stories Dr. Burns helped in. 

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Javier Colon, winner of NBC’s The Voice

Dr. Burns Performed LASIK for Winner of "The Voice"

Fans of NBC’s singing competition, The Voice, will recognize one of Dr. Richard R. Burns’ recent LASIK eye surgery patients, Javier Colon. Dr. Burns performed LASIK vision correction surgery on Mr. Colon, the 2011 winner of the popular television show. Although the beloved singer certainly had his share of eye surgeons to choose from, Mr. Colon selected Dr. Burns because of the eye surgeon’s extensive experience and a stellar reputation. Thanks to Dr. Burns, Mr. Colon can now see as well as he sings!
Listen to Javier Colon, winner of NBC’s The Voice, talk about his LASIK surgery experience in San Diego with ophthalmologist, Dr. Burns

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Cindy Williams

Actress best known for Laverne and Shirley

“Thanks to Dr. Burns and his wonderful staff, my eyesight is as good as it was twenty years ago! It’s a wonderful thing and I am ever so grateful!”

Experience Laser Cataract Surgery as Cindy Williams Did

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Tom Flores

Thomas Raymond Flores is a former American football coach and quarterback.

“Dr. Burns is both very skilled and also understanding and compassionate. He exhibits the ability to connect with his patients and to put them at ease. His credentials and qualifications are impeccable. His skill is at the highest levels. I completely trust him with my eyes.”

Experience Laser Cataract Surgery as Tom did

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Dr. Burns performed LASIK Surgery

“I had been very nearsighted since about age 11. I also had astigmatism in both eyes. I remember praying, as a teenager, for a miracle that God would heal my eyes! Twenty years later, my miracle happened. Dr. Burns skillfully performed LASIK surgery on my eyes and I now see very clearly without my glasses or contacts. I’m extremely happy with the results and can recommend Dr. Burns caring expertise without hesitation.”

Experience Laser Surgery as Kim Did

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Monovision Procedure

“I have been wearing glasses since I was 13 years old and wore contact lenses for over 20 years. I have always been active in sports and now being able to see and function without glasses or contacts is beyond description. Also, when traveling, not having to deal with contact lenses is a great relief. Also, due to my age, I opted to have one eye see in the distance and one eye to see at near. Monovision, as it is called, works so well for me that I now do not need to use reading glasses. I am grateful for Dr. Burns and his skill, knowledge, care, and attention to detail all along the way. I highly recommend you seriously consider Dr. Burns and New Freedom Eye Center for your LASIK procedure.”

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