Richard Burns, M.D.


Dr. Burns is proud to offer his San Diego-area patients a variety of advanced Laser Vision Correction procedures, such as LASIK, LASEK, and PRK. In addition, he is renowned as a talented Cataract Surgery and RLE specialist. Dr. Burns treats each patient with the utmost dedication and attentiveness, delivering results that often surpass their expectations. Peruse these testimonials to see why thousands of patients from San Diego, Temecula, Hemet, Sun City, and Murrieta have chosen Dr. Burns as their laser eye surgery specialist.

  • Javier Colon, winner of NBC’s The Voice

    Dr. Burns Performed LASIK for Winner of "The Voice"

    “Thanks so much for helping me see the world in a whole new way”

    Fans of NBC’s singing competition, The Voice, will recognize one of Dr. Richard R. Burns’ recent LASIK eye surgery patients, Javier Colon. Dr. Burns performed LASIK vision correction surgery on Mr. Colon, the 2011 winner of the popular television show. Although the beloved singer certainly had his share of eye surgeons to choose from, Mr. Colon selected Dr. Burns because of the eye surgeon’s extensive experience and a stellar reputation. Thanks to Dr. Burns, Mr. Colon can now see as well as he sings!

    Listen to Javier Colon, winner of NBC’s The Voice, talk about his LASIK surgery experience in San Diego with ophthalmologist, Dr. Burns

  • Cindy Williams

    Cindy Williams

    Actress best known for Laverne and Shirley

    “Thanks to Dr. Burns and his wonderful staff, my eyesight is as good as it was twenty years ago! It’s a wonderful thing and I am ever so grateful!”

- Cynthia Heath Kerrigan

KPOP AM 1360 Radio

"I waited a long time for my eye correction surgery and I did a great deal of research before I made a decision. Qualifications are always at the top of the list, but equally important to me, was individual attention. Dr. Burns has all the appropriate qualifications and experience. And he takes all the time I need to answer questions, and talk about this new experience of seeing well again, without my glasses. He is the best, and he is a wonderfully nice and caring man."

- Ida Garcia

"I’m very happy the I had the LASIK procedure done. I started having problems with my eyesight when driving at night and glasses or contacts were not an option. Thanks to Dr. Burns and his staff, I can see even clearer at night and when I read the newspaper. I highly recommend the LASIK procedure to anyone who’s having trouble with their eye sight. Thanks Dr. Burns."

- JoEllen

" Just wanted to thank all of you for your precious gift of my sight. There is nothing I can give to you that would come close to the miracle I feel you have given to me. I haven’t been able to see since I was 5 years old! I am terribly grateful to you all and hope you realize just what a miracle you have given me. I feel blessed and can’t thank you enough for all you gave to me! With a happy heart, I thank you! "

- Tom

“Dr. Burns is both very skilled and also understanding and compassionate. He exhibits the ability to connect with his patients and to put them at ease. His credentials and qualifications are impeccable. His skill is at the highest levels. I completely trust him with my eyes.”

- Karen

"I spent seven years before selecting Dr. Burns for my LASIK procedure. By following Dr. Burns’ “Father Knows Best” advice post-op, the results have far exceeded my expectations. This is truly a special gift. Sometimes you have to look reality in the eye and deny it! Dr. Burns has set these Irish eyes to smiling. Dr. Burns rocks!"

- Leeman

"I have been wearing glasses since I was 13 years old and wore contact lenses for over 20 years. I have always been active in sports and now being able to see and function without glasses or contacts is beyond description. Also, when traveling, not having to deal with contact lenses is a great relief. Also, due to my age, I opted to have one eye see in the distance and one eye to see at near. Monovision, as it is called, works so well for me that I now do not need to use reading glasses. I am grateful for Dr. Burns and his skill, knowledge, care and attention to detail all along the way. I highly recommend you seriously consider Dr. Burns and New Freedom Eye Center for your LASIK procedure."

- Becki

"I am totally happy with my LASIK procedure. Dr. Burns and his staff are friendly and professional and completely put my fears to rest. The procedure was easy and painless. I always felt I was in good hands before, during, and after the surgery. My biggest problem with my contacts was dealing with dry, red, and itchy eyes on an almost daily basis. Because of my active lifestyle glasses were not the solution. It’s so wonderful to finally have healthy eyes and be able to see when I wake up in the morning. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Burns and his staff to anyone."

- Kim

"I had been very nearsighted since about age 11. I also had astigmatism in both eyes. I remember praying, as a teenager, for a miracle that God would heal my eyes! Twenty years later, my miracle happened. Dr. Burns skillfully performed LASIK surgery on my eyes and I now see very clearly without my glasses or contacts. I’m extremely happy with the results and can recommend Dr. Burns caring expertise without hesitation."

- Britt-Carin

"This was my old life! I was farsighted. Always looking for my glasses. Until one day; I had to have glasses to find my other reading glasses! Tennis is my great activity, and not seeing the tennis-ball, was not very encouraging. In fact, my vision was then 20/70. Then one morning I received a phone call from my friend Gladys and she asked me to turn on the KUSI TV-channel and see a TV program about a new method of laser eye surgery. Was this the beginning of my new Life? You bet! An important thing that I experienced was that there was no pressure from the doctor or the staff. So it was all up to me! During the surgery I felt so calm and I knew, I was in good hands. Today my life is easy. I can play tennis and Bridge. I can read the menu in the restaurant and I can go to the theater and see the entire play without glasses. Today I have a 20/20 vision."

- Delilah Rozmus

"Hello! My name is Delilah Rozmus. When I decided to get Lasik eye surgery done I was just as frightened as I was excited. I mean this is my eyesight we are talking about. No one wants to go from bad vision to worse vision or even no vision. However when a co-worker of mine recommended the New Freedom Eye Center I decided to set up a consultation. During the consultation the staff answered any and all questions my husband and I had. A week later I was in and out of there in no time. The prep time took longer than the actual procedure. However the most comforting part to me was that my husband was able to watch the surgery as Dr. Burns did the procedure. So thank you Dr. Burns, Tony and MaryLou for the ability to see for the first time in sixteen years, w/out having to use glasses or contacts."

- Kayla Beckwith

"I have found everyone at New Freedom Eye Center to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and personable. That is the main reason I chose Dr. Richard Burns and his staff to do my LASIK surgery. I have watched all of the eye surgeries for many years as they have improved in technology and procedure. I have talked with several other eye doctors about LASIK. I found that the only place where I felt very comfortable, and cared about as a person was with Dr. Richard Burns and his staff at the New Freedom Eye Center. I had many, many questions before the surgery and they answered every one of them honestly and completely. I came away from the consultation with great confidence in the surgeon and his staff. My eyesight fluctuated on a daily basis with both distance and reading up close as a constant struggle. Since I have had my LASIK surgery done I am able to see 20/20 in both eyes and no reading glasses. It is truly one of the greatest things I have done for myself and I owe it all to everyone at the New Freedom Eye Center. I would not have had the surgery done if I had not found Dr. Burns and his staff. I recommend them with great enthusiasm and trust to everyone that asks me about the surgery. They really have given me a new found freedom that I would not have experienced otherwise. My greatest thanks goes out to everyone at the New Freedom Eye Center for my sight and a new LOOK at life."