Richard Burns, M.D.

CustomVue™ Technology

Individualized LASIK with CustomVue™ Technology

In order to provide our LASIK patients with the best possible laser vision correction results, we utilize some of the latest laser equipment, including the sophisticated VISX STAR S4 Excimer Laser with CustomVue™ technology. Dr. Burns begins each Laser Eye Surgery by using the advanced WaveScan WaveFront technology, which allows him to create a map of the patient’s eye detailing irregularities that often go unnoticed in traditional LASIK scans. Each patient’s eye has a unique curvature, similar to the uniqueness of a fingerprint. The CustomVue™ system provides a highly precise measurement of the eye’s “fingerprint,” creating a customized laser profile to correct each eye.

Increased Safety with CustomVue™ Technology

CustomVue™ technology incorporates several features that allow Dr. Burns to provide laser eye treatments that are not only extremely precise but also very safe. For example, the system’s ActiveTrak 3D Active Eye Tracking Technology follows the minuscule eye movements during surgery and adjusts the laser automatically.
In addition, CustomVue™ also includes advanced Iris Registration technology — the first FDA-approved, fully automated method of registering the iris and aligning the laser beam accordingly.


Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

While many patients who come to see Dr. Burns in San Diego qualify for LASIK eye surgery, the procedure is not for everyone. The following qualities make an ideal patient for LASIK Eye Surgery:

  • At least 18 years or older.

  • checkup

    Candidates should be in generally good health.

  • Eyes are healthy and free from disease or abnormalities like infections or scars.

  • Candidates’ vision needs to be consistent for at least a year before surgery date.

Some additional factors that may prevent certain patients from having LASIK surgery include thin Corneas, large Pupils, and Keratoconus (Bulging Cornea). More serious vision problems, such as advanced Glaucoma, might disqualify the potential patient altogether. Only a one-on-one consultation with an experienced LASIK specialist like Dr. Burns can help you decide if you can benefit from LASIK Eye Surgery.