Richard Burns, M.D.

PanOptix IOL

What is it?

Dr. Burns is proud to offer his patients the advanced PanOptix intraocular lens. He uses these lenses to replace a patient's natural lens (the cataract, which is removed during cataract surgery.) While most cataract patients cannot imagine their lives without some sort of dependency on reading glasses, the sophisticated PanOptix IOL allows most patients the ability to achieve clear vision without any special eyewear.

Why PanOptix IOL?

PanOptix IOLs can offer patients clear distance, intermediate, and near vision without prescription glasses. Leaving patients with only the need for over the counter sunglasses, or in some cases, over the counter reading glasses for very small print, or in situations where lighting is very dim.
Panoptix has a multifocal component, allowing the patient to focus on objects at varying distances. Due to this multifocal component, patients may see what can be described as, "halos, or starbursts" around lights, especially while driving at night. These halos will lessen over time, but will take an adjustment period. If you are someone who drives frequently at night, the Vivity IOL may be a good choice for you!

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